Spiritual Healing, Therapy and Guidance for Awakening Souls and Spiritual Seekers

The search for a purpose in life, and our longing for inner peace, happiness and belonging, is the soul calling. 

We offer Spiritual Healing, Therapy  and Guidance to help you connect to the wisdom of a higher source, as you discover and create your own unique life journey.

Welcome to The Soul Calling. 

Hi, I'm Bryony

Spiritual Healer, Therapist and Guide at The Soul Calling.

I believe we all have the ability to tap into the spiritual guidance and support that surrounds us. Sometimes we just need a little help to unlock our intuition and connect to the comfort and wisdom of a higher source.  
I spent many years trying to achieve the spiritual breakthroughs that would make sense of my life and bring me the happiness I longed for.

I found a way back to my peaceful, purposeful self, and in doing so, I discovered my soul calling - to share these incredible processes with you.

There's loads of information here and when you're ready, please do get in touch. I'd love to answer any questions you may have, and I look forward to meeting you soon. 

with love 

Bryony x.

Our work at The Soul Calling is guided by the premise that it doesn't take a life time in meditation to overcome traumas and limitations, you don’t need special gifts to tap into your psychic abilities, and you certainly don’t need to go through a ‘third party medium’ to connect to your loved ones and spirit guides.

It's a little like a reading with a clairvoyant or psychic, but with a BIG difference!

In all our work together, you will be the active participant, as opposed to relying on someone else to try and channel energy or receive messages on your behalf. 

You can expect to experience your own psychic senses, find answers to specific questions and the solutions to overcome obstacles, gain awareness, and the clarity and confidence to help you move forwards.


"WOW! Bryony is MAGIC. I cannot recommend her enough. 

I'm absolutely delighted by my experience working with Bryony. I want this kind of access to our inner power for all who don't know how truly wonderful they are."

Sophie, York UK



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