Frequently Asked Questions

How will you take me into an altered state of awareness?

During your session, I will guide you into a relaxed state so that your mind can easily shift from its typical external focus and mental chatter, and open up to deeper levels of awareness.  It's a place we are all familiar with, characterised by deep alpha and theta brain wave patterns, and we all drift in and out of these brain wave patterns every day.  We experience this state of mental relaxation when we are day dreaming, engrossed in a good film or book, in 'the zone' during sports or creative activities and certainly when we are dreaming (whether we remember our dreams or not).

You may also know this state from meditation, chanting, certain plants, sound vibration or guided visualisations.

It only takes a few minutes to enter this deeply relaxed state, and all you will need to do on the day,  is to put your feet up, sink back into my comfy chair (or your comfy place for an on line session!) and follow my instructions.


Can anyone achieve an altered state of awareness?

Yes, we can all achieve this state of awareness and it's my job to guide you there! Of course, we all have different factors affecting our ability to relax or focus in any given moment,  so the timing of your session can make a difference. Please allow yourself plenty of time either side so that you don't feel rushed or anxious about running late or worried about pressing commitments immediately afterwards.

You'll be fine to drive and carry on your day after the session,  but please do try and allow yourself some quiet time following if possible.


How will I experience the session?

This varies from one person to another.  Consider if you were being guided to recall something that happened to you recently. You might perceive the imagery, the scenery, the people present, the activity occurring as well as what you were feeling and thinking at that time. You might hear conversations, or have a knowingness about what was significant about the experience and how it relates to you.

Your experience during your session will be similar. It's rather like participating in a movie that's running in your inner eye - you may be fully immersed in this or feel as if you are observing it. Your perspective can also shift between both of these experiences. Sometimes you may experience brief flashes or rapid flurries of images, and at other times it may be a more steady and detailed flow.

The best thing to do is to simply be open to what ever your own perceptions and experiences are. Let go of the inclination to judge, question, manage and control what you experience - the analytic mind can create resistance and interfere with what the Soul may wish to bring through. 

For the best experience during your session, simply surrender to your inner guidance, follow my cues and be open to all your senses and perceptions.


Will my experience be 'real' or just something my mind has imagined?

Our minds can certainly be imaginative and 'dream up' interesting things, however, during your session you will be in a deep state where the mind is letting go and allowing the Soul to bring up relevant experiences. More often than not, the details observed in this state are so precise, and even unexpected, that the authenticity of the experience is rarely in doubt.

It's also worth mentioning that imagination is one of our inner senses and spirit often communicates with us through our imaginings - planting ideas in our minds, offering visions, clues and synchronicities to help us on our journey. In my personal experience and through my work with many clients,  I find that doubt is the greatest block to our spiritual selves.

Ultimately, if your experiences help to heal mental, emotional and physical suffering, and allow you to reconnect to inner peace, purpose and prosperity, then whether real or imagined, the outcome is surely worthwhile.


Will I remember what happens in the session?

Yes, you will remember everything and your reflections on the experience and insights following the session will be of enormous benefit.

Depending on the session of your choice, you may also received an audio recording so that you can listen back and gain greater insights and wisdom.

In addition, your subconscious mind will continue to process the experience, albeit under your awareness, and positively influence your thoughts, feelings, actions and energetic vibrational frequency.


Can anything 'bad' happen to me in the session?

The processes I use are safe and very much like a guided visualisation. I will be with you every step of the way and of course, while a part of you is experiencing an altered state of awareness or exploring the spiritual realms, you will still be aware of your conscious self, relaxing with me in my therapy room (or in the comfort of your own home).

I always ensure a safe working environment (a bit like spiritual health and safety!!) and I will ensure you are protected on an energetic level. 

In my experience, spiritual discover sessions are comfortable and life affirming; spirit will always take us to exactly the right place at the right time on your own unique journeys.

For therapeutic interventions, such a This Life Healing Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy, we may revisit painful scenes so that we can heal and release them - but you can never re-live what has happened in the past. You will always experience these as a distanced observer, from an objective point of view.

Whilst I will be your guide in all of your experiences, you will always be in control and retain complete sovereignty over everything you choose to experience.


Will I experience everything I want and find all the answers I seek?

You will certainly experience everything that is right for you at this time and receive answers to all the questions that are appropriate to this moment in your life and your spiritual journey.

Our shared intention to gain wisdom and understanding, in order to help you move forward for the highest good of all, sets the pace of the session. There are times when information is withheld by spirit, but you will always be given the reasons why, and you can be absolutely assured, that it will always be for your highest good.


Will I experience change following the session?

Whilst you can never change the true essence of who you are (your personality, talents and preferences will always be 'you' at a soul level), you will notice positive shifts as a result of the session.

Depending on the session of your choice, you may notice positive changes in the way that you understand yourself, your purpose and your place in the world around you. You may find yourself more able to connect to your inner, psychic senses and more able to develop a closer, more personal relationship with the Universe and your spirit guides. In turn, this can help you to feel more present and alleviate worries about the future, or regrets about the past.

For therapeutic interventions, such as This Life Healing Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy, the changes you experience following the session will be consistent with the outcomes we agree in your pre session consultation.

The majority of my therapy clients feel an immediate shift during and after the session that they describe as a lightness, as if a burden has been instantly lifted. These changes continue to build after the session,  You could think of this a little like updating an app or defragging a computer as the mind, body and psyche embed a new way of being. 

Of course, we don't tend to notice change as it happens, any more than we notice our hair growing until we realise we need a hair cut! As time goes on following your session, you are likely to notice 'retroactive change' as you find yourself thinking, feeling and acting a a more positive way to situations that would have previously triggered or overwhelmed you.

I always offer post session support, along with resources to help you on your journey as appropriate, so be sure to keep in touch and reach out to me at any time following your session.


Should I tell my friends and family about my experiences?

This is very much something for you to decide. Some people close to you may be very open to what you have to share and your discussions with them may be spark a shift in their consciousness or lead you to a deeper awareness and understanding. 

There will also be people who are skeptical or rejecting of what you have to share. It's really not your responsibility to convince anyone who is not open or interested, and their negativity could be hurtful or throw you off your path of awakening. Choose what you want to share and how much according to what you feel and how others respond to and relate to you.


Can I keep in touch with you after the session?

Absolutely! I always welcome questions, queries and insights and I'd love you to continue to share your journey with me - always in complete confidence, of course.

For therapeutic interventions,  follow up is a part of the service but I very much hope that all my clients will continue to keep in touch. After all, we are all ascending together!


Further Questions 

Please get in touch if your questions have not been answered here. I will always get back to you.

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