In 2023, I celebrate 20 years as a certified Spiritual Healer. I am a member of The Association of Spiritualists and Healers and The International Spiritual Healer Professional Association. I see my role as a bridge between the therapeutic and the spiritual.

You may be following a spiritual or religious practise right now, or seeking to develop your own psychic and healing abilities. Perhaps you are searching for a way to overcome sorrow, confusion and blockages, or to find meaning in your life. Perhaps you are simply looking for a sign.

Whatever your soul is calling for, I'd love to share my story with you, as well as my qualifications and credentials, and invite you to explore the healing and therapeutic interventions that my clients love the best.

Here at The Soul Calling, the inner peace, resolution and spiritual connection you are seeking, is absolutely available to you.

My story ...

I’d sit for hours trying to glimpse an aura or energy field. I'd wake each morning disappointed that no meaningful dreams had come my way, and walk away from spiritual circles deflated that I’d received nothing whilst others appeared to channel profound messages from ‘the other side’.

I’ve always had a sense of something more to life. A passionate Christian as a child, I discovered mysticism and eastern philosophy in my teens and at 16, left home to live in a Vedic Ashram. 

My spiritual pursuits took a more formal turn in my 30s as I started to gain accreditation in Spiritual and Energy Healing, inspired by my travels in Australia and Africa and the then emerging science of Quantum Physics.

When my big spiritual breakthrough finally happened, however,  it was not the ‘rainbow and unicorns’ experience I’d hoped for.  I was scared, confused and could find no one to turn to.

Since then, I've come a long way on my journey.

I have overcome unresolved emotions, self sabotage and fear. I have visited past lives, experienced parallel dimensions and connected to my starseed origins. I have opened my heart (and ears!) to my spirit guides ...

and I have discovered my life purpose - to make spiritual growth a safe, accessible and truly magical experience for all.

It's my humble desire that the services listed here will answer your soul calling, just as it is my soul calling to offer them to you.

In love and light,

Bryony x

Bryony Whiteley, S.Heal, SHM

Spiritual Healer, Therapist and Guide


Qualifications and Credentials


💫 I am a qualified Spiritual Healer since 2003, bringing you almost 2 decades of experience and professional expertise.

💫 I am a member of the International Spiritual Healers Professional Association, so you can be assured of my commitment to accreditation and on going training,  and to a professional, legally compliant and insured practice safeguarded by a Code of Ethics and Conduct. 

💫 I am listed on The Awakened Pages in support of the awakened community and all awakening souls. 

💫  I am a Past Life Regression Therapist, and Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioner,  trained by The Past Life Awakening Institute.

💫 I have a Diploma in Ancestral Healing and training in Spirit Releasement Therapy and Future Life Progression.

💫 I am a certified Quantum Touch, Supercharging and Core Transformation Quantum Touch energy healer.

💫 I am a Reiki Practitioner in the Japanese Usui System of Natural Healing.

💫 I am an Advanced Law of Attraction practitioner, registered with Dr. Joe Vitale's Global Sciences Foundation and coached by the (Bob) Proctor Gallagher Institute.

💫 I have a Professional Life Coaching Diploma endorsed by the Complementary Therapists Accreditation Association.

💫 I have a Diploma in Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman's esteemed approach to evolved intimacy and improved relationships.

💫 I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT) having trained with A List therapist and international Best Seller Marisa Peer.

💫 I am a Member of, and regular healer and spiritual therapist at The Association of Spiritualists and Healers, ASH House, Poppy Lane, Birmingham.

💫 My work is informed by Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and CEN (Childhood Emotional Neglect Therapy) 

💫 I apply the principals of Epigenetics (Dr. Bruce Lipton), Neuroscience and Quantum Reality (Dr. Joe Dispenza) and Body-Mind Healing (Louise L. Hay) in my work.

💫 I am a Light Language and Light Code channel, also known as the Language of the Soul; a vibrational expression that speaks to the eternal self and to the physical DNA.

💫 I am guided through sacred dance, yoga and meditation - and I'm Mum to four wonderful children and Grandma to a beautiful little girl.


I stand for the right of each and everyone of us to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty, regardless of our past experiences or current circumstances. I am a passionate advocate for spiritual development because I believe that when we raise our consciousness, we change not only our own lives, but the lives of our loved ones, our children and the generations to come.


"I’ve come so far on my journey. 

Bryony demonstrated her kindness, compassion and expertise in what she does - without doubt been the single most helpful thing I have done!"

Lisa, Manchester UK


Member of the International Spiritual Healer Professional Association

Member of The Association and Spiritualists and Healers

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