Future Progression

Follow your timeline into your future to see what is in store for you.

Whether you are struggling with your love life, or you can’t seem to fixate on a particular career path, exploring your future a year, five or ten years ahead, will help you to make informed decisions to create the best possible future for you.

Everything we do in the present creates our future, and there is no doubt that the uncertainty of what lies ahead can leave an impact on our emotional and mental health.

Imagine if you knew years ago what you know now. What would you have told yourself? What would you have done differently? If you'd have seen with your own eyes that everything was happening in the right way at the right time, imagine how you'd be able to relax and enjoy your here and now.

Time as we know it, does not exist beyond the physical realms, so you will be easily able to journey forward, explore events from your future and look at how different choices will play out. Unlike relying on someone else to try and channel visions on your behalf, you will see everything first hand, giving you the assurance of an authentic experience and authority over what you choose to do next.

During this 2 hour session, you will be gently guided into a deep, meditative state. It's very much like experiencing a lucid dream as your awareness shifts from your physical body to your inner intuitive senses and beyond, into your future timelines.


You can expect to:


  • Experience an altered state of awareness so that you can journey into your future
  • Explore your future over a time period of your choice ( a year, 5, 10 years ahead or more)
  • See how different choices will unfold in your future by following different future timelines
  • Gain clarity, wisdom and inner peace in your now 
  • Receive an audio recording of your Future Life experience



Cost: £120

Please allow 90 minutes for your Future Progression


For more information and to book your Future Progression either from my Therapy Room in Birmingham UK, or by video call from the comfort of your home home, please get in touch:

E-mail: bryony@thesoulcalling.co.uk

Telephone: 0121 769 1869


"Seeing my future was as real as when you think of yourself in the past, and it’s the source of my new found self belief. I’m no longer panicking, stressing or worrying because I know for sure, everything is working out ok for me. I now look at everything with a smile because I’ve realised it’s all part of the tapestry of my unique life. My life has opened up in ways I could not have even imagined. Absolutely life changing. 

Thank you Bryony, for showing me the way." 

Yolanda, Staines UK


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