Past Life Regression is an incredibly meaningful experience.

It's a profound and joyful confirmation of your eternal self that brings great comfort to your current life understanding. It can also be a unique opportunity to uncover old wounds and karmic bonds, and to resolve and release them for good.


To journey back to your past life, you will be gently guided into a state of deep relaxation. There you will easily access the 'energetic trail' of all your past lives and connect to those most relevant to your current situation.

Perhaps you are looking to unlock unexplained feelings or a difficult relationship, to resolve unanswered questions or to restore emotional, physical, and spiritual balance in your current life. 

Perhaps you just want to feel first hand the sights, sounds, smells and even the tastes of a former life! 


With a 60 minute Past Life Discovery, you can expect to:

  • experience a deep state of relaxation
  • connect to your past life trail and to a significant life experience
  • observe your past life, as if running a movie in your inner eye
  • Discover who you were and when and how you lived
  • Gain insights into your current life, your life purpose and inherent gifts


With a 90 minute Past Life Healing, you can also expect to:

  • connect to a number of relevant past lives
  • identify karmic bonds and hidden cycles 
  • Heal old wounds and traumas and release limiting beliefs 
  • unlock past life wisdom relevant to your current life journey



Past Life Discovery - 60 minutes - £60

Past Life Healing - 90 minutes - £90 (this is advanced Spiritual Healing and if we've not yet worked together, I recommend a Spiritual Awakening for your first session, before you progress to your Past Life Healing)


For more information and to book your Past Life Regression, either from my Therapy Room in Birmingham UK, or by video call from the comfort of your home home, please get in touch:


Telephone: 0121 769 1869

"I've never experienced such a deep awakening before.

Deeply magical and very healing. Thank you so much Bryony, you really are a life saver!"

Yvonne, London, UK



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