Soul Retrieval is an ancient indigenous tradition, however it parallels the psychotherapeutic practice of integrating the parts of ourselves that have been lost.

It’s a technique that finds the parts of us that have split off or become trapped, and brings them back home into the soul and body.

When we become burnt out, physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually, have strayed from our purpose, or experienced something traumatising, any of these things can cause the soul to disconnect. The cause might be obvious, such as an injury, accident or the death of a loved one. It could be through war, contractual agreements or abuse. It may exist in a more subtle realm. 

During your Soul Retrieval, you will be gentle guided into the superconscious mind where you will be able to locate any parts of your soul that may have fragmented, lost or trapped in unseen bonds. Together we will reclaim those parts, and lovingly retrieve and reintegrate those parts from your past, so that you can feel more complete in the present.


You can expect to:


  • experience an altered state of consciousness
  • locate the lost fragments of your soul
  • release the unseen bonds that are holding the soul parts 
  • and reintegrate them into your soul and body
  • to feel more complete within yourself
  • and greater peace with your past and in your present

 Soul Retrieval is advances spiritual healing, so if we've not yet worked together, I recommend a Spiritual Awakening before progressing to your Soul Retrieval.


COST: £90

Please allow 90 minutes for your Soul Retrieval.


For further information and to book your Soul Retrieval,  either from my Therapy Room in Birmingham UK, or by video call from the comfort of your home home, please get in touch:


Telephone: 0121 769 1869


"I honestly couldn't thank Bryony enough. Such a compassionate and kind approach that can make anyone feel comfortable. Highly recommend and what an amazing woman"

Hannah, Southampton, UK



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