The world is awakening, and so are you.

We are all noticing a calling to connect more deeply with our spiritual self, to bring meaning to the world around us and purpose to our lives.


This Spiritual Awakening will help you to deepen your relationship with your eternal self, develop your psychic and intuitive abilities and experience the wise and loving presence of your spirit guides.

During this 60 minute session, you will be gently guided into a deep, meditative state. It's very much like experiencing a lucid dream as your awareness shifts from your physical body to your inner intuitive senses and beyond, into the realm of eternal infinity.


You can expect to:


  • Experience an altered state of awareness and tap into your 'clairs' (the psychic equivalent of your physical senses; the inner seeing of clairvoyance, inner hearing of clairaudience and inner knowing of clairsentience)  
  • Receive the gift of spiritual protection to carry with you on your spiritual journey
  • Connect with your spirit guide or a member of your guiding soul group, 
  • and discover your exact next step on your own unique life path 



Cost: £60

Please allow 90 minutes for your Spiritual Awakening


For more information and to book your Spiritual Awakening, either from my Therapy Room in Birmingham UK, or by video call from the comfort of your home home, please get in touch:

E-mail: bryony@thesoulcalling.co.uk

Telephone: 0121 769 1869

"I felt a shift right away. I feel amazing, my mind is clear and my body feels light and happy. 

Bryony goes that extra mile with you, an amazing woman"

Trina, Nottingham UK



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