Spiritual Awakening Experience

a practical approach

Spiritual Awakening - a practical approach is an online video course that will bring you face to face with your own personal spirit guide, that will activate your natural psychic senses, and clear away the blocks that are standing in your way - and you’re going to do this not by sitting through endless lectures, but by experiencing it for yourself.

I know from my own spiritual journey that even the most enlightened advice can be frustrating without a proven method for achieving the promise of awakening. If you’ve ever found yourself asking ‘but how do I do that?!' then you’ve definitely come to the right place!


This course has been designed as experiential learning which means that you can expect to go from wondering and believing, to an unshakable knowing that you are a powerful, guided spirit soul; a knowing that will stay with you and grow with you throughout your life. My intention in sharing this is to extend a bridge to an abundant, meaningful life, because once you awakening to your true self, happiness, purpose and peace all naturally follow.


Together we will journey into the memory fields of your soul and up into the crystalline kingdom of the spiritual world, so that you can activate your deep intuition and discover how to follow your spiritual ‘sixth sense’ to guide your life.

We’ll spend a little time exploring what is a Spiritual Awakening and more importantly, what you might be going through right now. You can expect to shift into a deeper sense of connection, understanding and inner peace as you discover your own personal Spirit Guide, how to communicate with them and how to bring their insight, guidance and clarity back into your day to day to help you navigate your life with purpose, ease and trust.


I spent many years trying to achieve the spiritual breakthroughs that would make sense of my existence and what I’m about to share with you here is exactly what transformed my life, and changes the lives of my clients for the better too:

"I have totally loved this course. Wasn’t sure it was for me but SO grateful I bought it! I’ve learned so much, been entertained throughout and most of all, I’ve sensed a huge shift in me. It’s fair to say this is a game changer like a door has opened to my gifts and spiritual connection and the tools and tips Byrony gives are great, really to use. Thank you. I absolutely recommend this course"

- Makaka


"The Spiritual Awakening Experience is more than just a course; it's a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution"

- Mosarof Hussen


"I am incredibly grateful for the profound changes I have experienced as a result of participating in spiritual awakening experiences. It not only deepened my connection to myself and the world around me but also instilled a sense of purpose and fulfillment that I never knew was possible."

- Rana Molik



This is what you are going to discover for yourself across this course, and experience for yourself with the 3 guided meditation experiences - these are deep dives, vivid journeys beyond the physical veil that will:


  • Activate your psychic abilities, unlock your extrasensory perception and effortlessly enable you to tap into your spiritual ‘sixth sense’


  • Bring you face to face with your own Spirit Guide, and uncover the best way for you to connect and communicate with them to gain their insight, guidance, clarity, and direction.


  • Dissolve stagnant emotions, memories and beliefs that may be blocking your spiritual awakening by reclaiming the soul harmony of your inner child


  • Make sense of what’s happening to you, what is a spiritual awakening and why you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening


  • Reveal the many spiritual awakening symptoms and stages, and the spiritual “traps” you need to be mindful of


  • Create a deeper sense of connection, understanding and inner peace to help you navigate your life with purpose, ease and trust.


 I can’t wait to share this proven method with you, and of course, you have lifetime access to this course. That means you can come back months, years, decades into the future and you will experience a whole new level of understanding, awakening and ascension.


Are you ready to experience your own Spiritual Awakening? Simply click on the link below, and I can't wait to see you there.


with love

Bryony x

Spiritual Awakening Experience

Available now in Udemy.

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