‘Life Between Lives’ refers to the experience of being between incarnations, where you exist in the spiritual world as a pure energy being.

 It's a place of complete understanding, where you have full awareness of your life purpose, the choices you have made for your life, and why.


We are all so much more than the physical self we can see. We are a combination of the energies, experiences and learnings of countless previous lives; each life a set of contrasting experiences, lessons and wisdoms. The choices we make between our previous life and the after life - or this life, are carefully supported by our spirit guides.

Spirit Guides review the past life with the journeying soul in love, never judgment. The soul comes to understand the purpose of their life, and that the challenges we experience while earthbound, are in fact planned opportunities to facilitate our grow. There is no right or wrong, and there is no punishment or admonishment in the life between lives.

During this Life Between Lives encounter, you will be gentle guided into your superconscious mind to reconnect with your spirit guides, so you can experience first hand the continuum of your soul energy and fully understand the lessons of your life. ​It's a powerfully enlightening experience which will help you to  understand more about yourself as a spiritual being and gain a soul-level understanding of your soul companions, life purpose and lessons.

You will be able to gain a complete perception of who you really are and your true relationship with the significant others in your life. Your family and friends, lovers, teachers and even your enemies tend to work closely with you over many lifetimes; they are your soul group or soul family and you will experience this reunion like a home coming. 

You will be able to reconnect to your life purpose, and review and reframe the suffering you have experienced in your life, to help you resolve specific issues and clear emotional and energetic blockages.


Life Between Lives is advanced Spiritual Healing, so if we've not worked together before, I recommend you first experience Spiritual Awakening and then progress to Life Between Lives.

 Please allow 2 hours for your Life Between Life

Cost: £220


For further information and to book your Life Between Lives, either from my Therapy Room in Birmingham UK, or by video call from the comfort of your home home, please get in touch:


Telephone: 0121 769 1869


"I now have set goals that I am achieving and I have to say I feel a real sense of purpose. I have gone from feeling lost and confused to certain and sure of the direction I want my life to go in. 

I highly recommend Bryony."

Claire, Lerwick

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